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Anxiety-Free Root Canal Therapy

Animation of the inside of the tooth

Nothing inspires more fear in a patient than the words “root canal.” At our practice, we use them to save teeth that have developed an infection in their innermost layer, which is called the dental pulp. This bit of soft tissue actually contains the delicate nerve of a tooth, so as you can imagine, when it becomes infected, it can be quite painful!

Fortunately, root canal therapy is a virtually painless procedure that can help relieve this kind of discomfort and prevent a tooth from needing to be extracted. After thoroughly numbing a patient, Dr. Danice Nelsen Couch will simply open the tooth, remove the damaged tissue, clean and sanitize the tooth, and then she’ll top it with a temporary restoration. At a follow-up appointment, she’ll place a more permanent restoration, and from there, the tooth should look, feel, and function like normal for years to come.

Thanks to modern dental techniques and technology, this procedure is now nothing to fear, and at our office, it’s always the solution to dental pain, never the cause! If you have a persistent toothache, root canal therapy might be exactly what you need, so contact us today.